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Jayne M. 

Life is a circle, some pass through sooner than others and some need assistance getting through it.

I found myself at this crossing with my parents.  Growing up, my parents were always there for me—caring, nurturing, guiding.  I wanted to re-pay that to them – I knew no one could care for them as I would.  My goal was to find something as close to “home life” as I could.  Nothing is as comfortable as “being home”. 


Then came Bethany.  They have left me in awe of their mission, standards and caring team.  If you are looking for a professional, credible, trustworthy home for your loved one……Look no further.   The respect and compassion they show is unyielding. 


You and your family will not regret it.  Bethany would be honored for the opportunity to care for your loved one and to have you all as part of the growing “Bethany Family”. 

Linda W.

As an RN it was especially important to me to choose a long-term care facility for my mother that provided the best medical care possible whenever she needed it. Under the direction of Dr. Betsy Baum and NP Abbey Baum-Beige, I found the medical care to be exceptional. Because Bethany is their only practice, there is not only continuity of care but all focus of care is placed on the residents there. If they are not on site they are a phone call away with their exceptional care and empathy. Family is always notified of any change in status and the medical team welcomes discussion with family. Communication is a strong suit at Bethany.

On the other end of the spectrum, activity and socialization are such an important part of long-term care for so many reasons. The activity Director and staff at Bethany are exceptional. Because the staff at Bethany works as a team, the activity staff helps when and where needed. Consequently, they know the residents well. Activities are not just posted. I have seen staff go room to room encouraging residents to participate in ice cream socials, bingo, and other engaging activities. Since my mother was in assisted living for 3 years prior to requiring the additional care provided in the skilled area, I  can speak from experience in both areas. It is no surprise to me that Bethany is consistently named among the top 100 nursing homes in the US.

Judi S.

When my parents each experienced health conditions that required a  “rehab” facility after hospitalizations -  Bethany was the only choice.  When the hospital social worker provided a list of options.. we looked at the facilities with the best ratings.  As we visited Bethany the very first thing we appreciated was the staff.    Not just the professionalism and friendliness...BUT the long-term staff!  Both of my dear parents received the absolute best care and rehabilitation and were able to return home.  


When the time in life came that they both needed more daily care we chose Bethany again and they moved into an Assisted Living  Apartment. As difficult as it was to face this decision Bethany was the answer. This life-changing decision is stressful for everyone in the family but the staff at Bethany was so welcoming. The relief of knowing my folks were so well cared for and LOVED by staff that had cared for them when they were residents previously made this decision reassuring.


My family has been so blessed to have Bethany in our lives that several other members have been patients at this #1 facility for their health needs. When each of these loved ones needed a facility Bethany was the First Choice.    

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