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Bethany Wellness Initiative

The Bethany Wellness Initiative is focused on promoting the highest potential of functional ability, independence, and happiness for residents of Bethany.  The Initiative is designed by the Bethany Medical Center team (Dr. Elizabeth Baum, MD, CMD, and Abbey Baum-Beigie, ANP-BC, FGNLA) and implemented by Bethany’s Wellness Director & Registered Dietitian, Erika Smith, RD, LD. 

 The Bethany Wellness Initiative includes Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment; Individual Nutritional Assessment & Plan Design; Group & Individual Exercise Program; and Wellness Wednesday Series.  Additional details on the four components of the Wellness Initiative are detailed below. 

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment –Each newly admitted resident is seen by Dr. Elizabeth Baum, MD, CMD, and/or Abbey Baum-Beigie, ANP-BC, FGNLA within 24 hours of admission to develop a team approach to medical treatment and nursing care. Residents are followed closely by nursing staff and medical providers throughout admission to Bethany.  These assessments are focused on treating all parts of the resident and are updated quarterly by the Bethany interdisciplinary team. 

Individual Nutritional Assessment and Plan Design – Each resident is assessed by our Registered Dietitian to develop an individualized approach to meeting nutritional needs. Nutrition interventions are designed according to standards of care and status is continually monitored to promote resident’s choice and well-being.

Our menu offerings are developed to meet nutritional requirements that provide a well-balanced diet. Meals consist of incorporating a variety of food items and meal time choices are tailored according to individual preference with specialized diets provided as needed. All residents are closely followed by the Registered Dietitian who provides continuing consultation to dietary staff.

Group & Individual Exercise Programs – Bethany has a variety of group exercise programs that are offered to our residents.  Group programs include 5x a week group exercise program, open gym hours, and bi-monthly group yoga programs.  Checkout our activities calendar for more information.   Individual programs consist of customized walking and restorative nursing programs. 

Wellness Wednesday Series – Our Wellness Wednesday Series is a new initiative for 2019.  Wellness Wednesdays are group education sessions that are planned on a monthly basis to explore various nutrition and health topics. Meetings are designed to provide wellness tips and promote enjoyable healthy eating habits. Residents and families are invited to learn, interact and enjoy samples of various food and beverage items!

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