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Bethany Medical Center

A Foundation for Care

Bethany Medical Center is in exclusive partnership with Bethany as the facility’s in house medical team. Bethany Medical Center’s providers include Dr. Elizabeth Baum, MD, Geriatrician Fellowship Trained at the Cleveland Clinic and Nurse Practitioner, Abbey Baum-Beigie. Bethany Medical Center is the sole provider of in-house medical visits in Bethany's skilled rehab, assisted living, and long term care unit and the sole “On Call” health care providers 24/7 for Bethany. All residents have the freedom to choose any health care provider to follow them at Bethany. 

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment –Each newly admitted resident is seen by Dr. Elizabeth Baum, MD, CMD, and/or Abbey Baum-Beigie, ANP-BC, FGNLA within 24 hours of admission to develop a team approach to medical treatment and nursing care. Residents are followed closely by nursing staff and medical providers throughout admission to Bethany.  These assessments are focused on treating all parts of the resident and are updated quarterly by the Bethany interdisciplinary team. 

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