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What Should I Bring?

Skilled Rehabilitation -Our Skilled Rehabilitation rooms are similar in set-up to a hospital room. We provide a bed, night stand, dresser, and chairs. We also provide a TV, telephone, and complimentary internet service.

Assisted Living- families supply the items to furnish the apartment as desired by the individual(s) moving in. It is similar to moving into an apartment in the community. Bethany does provide free moving service to our Assisted Living residents as a "welcome" gesture to the Bethany Family. Families also provide bedding, sheets, toiletries, and televisions for the apartment.

Long Term Care- Bethany provides a bed, night stand, dresser, and telephone for our residents. Individuals are welcome to bring their own recliner/lift chair if they would like. Individuals also would need to supply their own TV. We will work with families to provide personal touches (i.e. family pictures) on the Long Term Care rooms to help make the room more comfortable.


What Level of Care am I looking for?

While the level of care for an individual should be discussed with an individual's medical team, there are some general guidelines that help families in their research.

Long Term Care is for individuals that are in need of 24 hour assistance with multiple activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, eating, transfers, or mobility. Bethany has 59 long term care beds. We accept Medicaid, Long Term Care Insurance, and Private Pay for our Long Term Care beds. 

Assisted Living is for individuals who require little or no hands-on assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, [personal hygiene, transfers, and/or ,mobility. 

Skilled Rehabilitation is for individuals who require assistance with recovery after an illness, surgery, etc. with the anticipation of returning back home after their work with occupational, speech, and or physical therapy is completed. 

How can I start the application process?

The initial step in applying for residency at Bethany (for both Assisted Living and Long Term Care) is to complete an application.


We ask that a prospective resident or family member complete our application and return to Scott Beigie. Applications can be downloaded through the above link and returned via email (please send to, a mailed paper copy, or in person to our front desk. 

We are also happy to send an electronic copy of our application via email or a paper copy in person.

Do you offer hospice care?

Bethany works closely with hospice care providers in the community to ensure hospice services are available to our residents. 

How Do We Pay for My Care?

Skilled Rehabilitation is most often paid through Medicare/Manage Care programs. 

Assisted Living is private pay only for our apartments. This includes Long Term Care insurance policies that cover Assisted Living. 

Long Term Care is paid for either by private pay, long term care insurance policies, or Medicaid. 

Do I need to Schedule a Tour?

We promote families calling and making an appointment for a tour and further information about Bethany. However, we have staff available during the day from 8 am- 4 pm M-F. 

If these times do not work into your schedule,

Please feel free to call or email Scott Beigie to schedule a tour time that would work best for your family. 

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