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Senior health facilities don’t often have the best of reputations for being a place of fun and positive community connections. However, the fact is that one of the greatest benefits of a nursing home/assisted living can be the strong sense of community they provide for individuals requiring more help than can be provided safely at home. Community within a nursing home or assisted living facility isn’t just about making friends-it’s about creating an atmosphere of acceptance, compassion, and support for all its residents - along with a lot of joy and laughter to be shared with residents, families, and employees alike.

This sense of community can have a profound positive impact on the well-being of residents. Studies have shown that strong social connection is associated with better health and well-being outcomes; including possible positive impacts on an individual’s mental health. Through social engagement that is both structured and unstructured, individuals have an opportunity to develop lasting relationships and connections with fellow residents, family members, employees, volunteers, and so on.

During the search process, we often hear from individuals and families that a common concern one has for their loved one is the impact of loneliness and isolation. This unfortunate reality for many seniors seems to have only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This increased isolation can be due to a number of factors such as the recent loss of friends, decreased mobility, or no longer being able to drive to participate in social activities outside of the home. By joining a community, the opportunities to re-engage socially are readily available! With opportunities such as religious activities, picnics, community dining areas, movie nights, game and card groups, and musical entertainment (to name a few), there will be something for everyone to enjoy and help develop a sense of community that can have such a positive impact one's quality of life.

Beyond the structured opportunities for social connections, one of the incredible sights we witness at Bethany daily are the natural connections developed from the everyday interactions. From passing in the halls to time spent in the beauty/barber shop, or just a chance meeting on the front patio or courtyard. These interactions connect all of us here on a deeper level which creates an incredible sense of community shared by all.

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