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The Positive Impact of Relationships

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us experienced the difficult circumstances associated with isolation. Depending on each individual’s situation, these experiences were different depending on one’s occupation, family structure, community structure, health circumstances, etc. While our experiences with the impact of isolation may not have been equal, most can recognize the impact of social isolation in themselves, their loved ones, and/or other members of the community we engage with. The senior population was impacted particularly hard due to the potential increased health risks of contracting COVID-19.

Many families that reach out to explore assisted living or long-term care services describe circumstances that involved their loved ones being isolated to some degree. We hear stories about how their loved ones, who once were more active in the community through their attendance of church services, meeting with friends for breakfast or lunch, or even taking routine trips to the grocery store, have decreased the amount of time spent outside the home socializing with peers.

The importance and positive impact of a healthy social life are well documented for individuals of all ages. For our senior population, social connectivity plays a vital role in each person’s quality of life as it can have a positive impact on one’s psychological and physiological well-being. This Harvard Health article notes some of the positive outcomes that are associated with a healthy social life for older adults.

From these experiences, many individuals and families have found the appeal of moving into a community such as Bethany as a great opportunity to help re-introduce social activities into their lives or the lives of their loved ones. At Bethany, we work diligently to provide a wide spectrum of activities that engage our community socially. From religious services and Bible study groups to art and cooking classes, to musical entertainment and exercise classes, there is something for everyone! To learn more about our offerings take a look at our events calendar here.

The positive impact of social engagement on the quality of life for our residents is witnessed daily. Along with these structured activities, our residents develop strong relationships on a personal level with their peers as they visit each other for a conversation, share a meal together in the dining room, or catch some sun on the patio and in the courtyard. These connections, just like our own relationships, provide an opportunity for our residents to chat about the daily news, share stories from their past, or even just share in a good laugh.

Along with these peer relationships that develop, our residents also benefit from the daily interactions with all the members of the Bethany family. To see the daily interactions of our housekeeping team, our kitchen staff, and our medical team enlightens one to the bonds that are developed between these individuals and our residents at Bethany; leading to a positive impact on the lives of our residents as well as their families!

Deciding to move into a communal living facility is not an easy decision to come to. Sometimes there are obvious medical needs that are best cared for in a setting such as Bethany that are guiding the choice for an individual or their family. While these visible needs are easy to recognize, it is important to also discuss the needs that may not be as visible when contemplating the benefits of moving into a facility; such as the positive impact of socialization on the quality of life for ourselves and our loved ones.



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